About ME

Ali Adnan Suliman is a passionate photographer who has grown up and roamed between Abu Dhabi and Damascus. Having explored the world of creativity, working in advertising and graphic design for five years, Ali realized that photography is his passion. It is then that he decided to pursue a career path in photography and he moved to work as freelance photographer since 2010 . He has recorded the best moments for many clients from different industries within the UAE. Ali’s passion for travel, openness to meet new people and learn about new cultures, in addition to his inspiration by many role models have further fueled his creativity. Driven by a philosophy that beauty is sometimes hidden and ought to be exposed, he follows a 360 approach, striving to reflect beauty in all its aspects. Ali has participated in many local exhibitions organized by the UAE Photography Society, and won the first prize for the best photo in sailing races, held by Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club in 2010. Ali’s motto is to search for beauty everywhere and delivers it through his own eyes.

Contact Me

Tel.: +971 55339627 - E-Mail: ali.suliman@live.com



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